Emacs web buttons

I've been collecting "powered by" web badges (or buttons or labels or pins or stickers or 88x31 banners) for Gnu Emacs around the web.
Since all links on the EmacsWiki page 404'd, I figured I'd put the ones I have up here.
Most of them are of unknown origin. (Source provided wherever possible.)
Please let me know if you've got more or if you know the authors of the badges.
Send your contributions to (base64-decode-string "bWFpbHRvOm1lQGVya2luLnBhcnR5").

Created with
Created with Emacs
A popular one.
Created with Emacs Created in GNU Emacs
Created with Emacs Site created with Emacs
Made with
Made with Emacs
Made with Emacs
Made with Emacs
Made with Emacs Made with GNU Emacs the right way
Powered by
emacs This Site powered
emacs This Site powered
emacs This Site powered
By Axel Beckert
Powered by GNU Emacs
Another popular one.
This one has a few variants.
Powered by GNU Emacs
One such variant
with bevels
Powered by Emacs Powered by GNU Emacs [FREE] Powered by Gnu Emacs
Classic "antipixel" buttons.
Designed in GNU Emacs / Free Software for Free People!
I traced some of these back to
Penguin Pete's dead blog.
emacs Now! [19]
emacs Now! [25]
Parodies of
Netscape Now! buttons.
Other Emacsen
Created by XEmacs Created with XEmacs Created with NotGNU
Created with NotGNU
Created with SXEmacs Created by EmACT Made with JED
Gnu Emacs
Gnu Emacs
The infamous
kitchen sink!