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My name is Erkin Batu Altunbaş (/'eɾcin 'batu al'tunbaʃ/) and I'm a senior tenured professional undergraduate student of computer engineering in Turkey.
Curriculum vitae
Europass language passport

I tend to use Lisps (Scheme, Racket, Clojure etc) and prefer functional programming in general.
My keyboard of choice is Logitech G610 Orion, using my custom Dvorak layout and my trackball of choice is Logitech M570.
I finally put up my dotfiles here.

Why .party?

It was cheap.


If you need/want to reach me, my main e-mail address is b64decode('bWFpbHRvOm1lQGVya2luLnBhcnR5').
I use the same e-mail address in mailing lists and newsgroups.
Please refrain from putting trackers in your e-mails.

I commonly hang out on FreeNode under the nick erkin. (Surprise!)



I listen to a lot of wildly different genres of music, but usually something that falls into one of the following on an ordinary day:

You can see my {Libre,Last}.fm profiles on the sidebar.
Oh and I have a growing collection of vinyl records; I should update my Discogs profile.


In addition to vinyl records, I generally enjoy things that went obsolete during the digital age and were replaced by mass-produced equivalents that are much more practical to handle and cheaper to produce.

Such items were revived in the last decade as anachronistic quasi-luxury and hobby items that can be produced for cheaper now and became much more practical with technological advances, and became niche hobbies. Examples include tube amps, fountain pens, mechanical keyboards, automatic/handwound watches, homebrewing, straight razors, old RPN calculators and analogue synthesisers.

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