My name is erkin (/'eɾcin/) and this is my web page.

My CV and my language passport.

I dabble in programming and computer science. I'm particularly interested in programming language theory and systems programming, and their subfields, such as compiler design, operating system development, virtualisation, filesystem design and such. I'm also interested retrocomputing and constrained computing aesthetics. My non-tech-related hobbies are homebrewing and knitting.

I'm very fond of functional, expressive and orthogonal languages, which is why Scheme/Racket is my go-to language. In addition, I use Clojure and I'm learning OCaml and Elixir lately.

I've been using GNU/Linux exclusively since 2009 (in fact, the Arch Linux setup on my desktop dates back to 2011). You can view some of my system configuration here.

You can check my social/professional profiles under the contact page.

This website is in Polyglot XHTML5 and was entirely written by hand in Emacs! I value accessibility a lot, so if my page doesn't render well on your end, please let me know. You can view the old website here.